Canopy & Full Kitchen Cleaning

Gold Coast Canopy & Exhaust Cleaning use powerful degreasing cleansers for heavy duty cleaning on your canopy, walls, floors and equipment when it comes to all aspects of commercial kitchen cleaning. 


All our work is to a higher standard than most of our competitors with attention to detail that comes with being a family owned and operated business.


We pride ourselves in having built a solid repeat customer base within the industry over the past 16+ years.


Duct ,Flue & Exhaust Fan Cleaning

We will supply a certificate after every duct and exhaust cleaning service carried out for your building insurance and Health Department inspection purposes.

It is a legal requirement to ensure that all commercial exhaust system, such as canopies, filters, ducting, exhaust fans, in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, cafes, food production areas, hospitals and schools, are cleaned as required by your buildings insurance policies, and in accordance with Fire Safety Regulations and the Workplace Health and Safety Act.

Filter Cleaning & Exchange Service

Restaurant property damage caused by grease fires averages $34 million annually.


Gold Coast Canopy Cleaning and Filter Service can help keep you from becoming just another statistic. Even if you've never had to worry about potential property damage, consider the savings on labour, time and cleaning chemicals. With a better grease filter cleaning service, Gold Coast Canopy Cleaning & Filter Service saves you a bundle and reduces hazardous grease build up in your duct work and exhaust fans.


We set up a regular rotation, whether it is weekly, fortnightly, or monthly so it is one less thing for you to organise and worry about. 

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