How often should I be cleaning my canopy, duct and exhaust fan?

The frequency is determined by how many hours per day you are cooking, what is being cooked and the expectations of your insurance company, Centre Management and Government legislations in your area.

As you are obligated under the Workplace Health and Safety Act of 2011, Food Safety Legislation and the Australian Standard AS1851-2012, it is important to know what your duty of care and responsibilities are. 
A lot of insurance companies have also changed their policies to 6 monthly so we strongly advise you check the fine print in your policy to ensure you are compliant.
Is this what its like on the roof of your Restaurant?
What you can't see is the fire hazard in your duct and exhaust system and Fan Unit. This is not compliant with fire safety legislation and the workplace health and safety act, not to mention insurance. It needs urgent attention.
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